Panorama of Ilfracombe, taken from the Capstone.
Ilfracombe panorama, taken from the Capstone. See full size image


I moved to Ilfracombe at the end of 2011 having lived in London for most of my life. Now as I drive down the hill coming back from Barnstaple to my house, I find myself thinking "I LIVE HERE! YAY!"

Every town has its detractors but I love everything about Ilfracombe, when I compare it to East London.
The local paper in my old area is full of stabbings, and muggings, and house breaking, and squatters. In Ilfracombe, people complain about dog fouling and too many charity shops in the high street. It is really a different world.

Tourist attractions

The population of Ilfracombe increases by around 100% during the summer as tourists flock from London, Birmingham, and other major cities to stuff themselves full of fantastic Devon ice cream, Cornish pasties, Devon cream teas, and fudge. Then there are the beaches and countryside, museum, aquarium, manor house, and fun parks. There is something for everyone.

Food and drink

There are a huge number of places to eat and drink in Ilfracombe. From top notch formal dining to cheap pizzas and kebabs. Everyone knows the sea air gives you a healthy appetite so follow the link to find out more about the best places to satisfy that hunger.


At the turning on of the Christmas lights just before I moved here, the town Mayor declared that if you can't buy it in Ilfracombe, then you probably don't need it. Whilst I cannot fully endorse that sentiment , it is true that you do not need to go further than Barnstaple for anything and you don't even have to go there for much. Follow the link for more information.

It is probably worth mentioning that Ilfracombe recently won a national award for polite service


with the population of Ilfracombe growing by 100% during the summer months it is hardly surprising that there are a huge number of places to stay. Hotels, B&B, holiday lets, caravans, and holiday parks, all offer places to stay to suit any budget.

Live music and entertainment

It is incredible just how much live music there is in Ilfracombe. Almost every night of the week, except Mondays, there will be something on somewhere. Quite often I have trekked to three different pubs to see three different bands in one night because there is so much to chose from.

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