The Voice of North Devon radio

The Voice is North Devon’s local radio station

Currently on digital and online but soon to return to FM

If you are on holiday here then it is a great station to find out what’s on, what the weather will be like specifically for the region, and also what the traffic situation is.

Every other radio station you can get is based miles away in London, Plymouth Exeter etc and has very little interest in the North Devon region.

You can din The Voice by doing a search on your DAB digital radio, or using the TuneIn app on your Android phone (free app) or iPhone (small cost to download)

You can also access the service via internet at

Later in 2013 you will be able to access it on FM via one of three high powered transmitters being installed in the region. As North Devon is so hilly, this should ensure that your reception is good no matter where you are.


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