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Ilfracombe Carnival 2013

Ilfracombe Carnival 2013
New organisers same eclectic fun

This year’s carnival takes place on Thursday August 22nd starting at the swimming pool car park at six thirty in the evening with judging the best floats, and then the procession will move from there along the High Street and down to the sea front along to George Street.

In previous years it was organised by St. John’s Ambulance, who have a very active training scheme in town. But this year they relinquished their interest as it was becoming increasingly difficult to organise the event and still do all their other things.

So the event has been taken over by a consortium of organisers but it is expected that much of the event will be the same as it has been in previous years.

Uncle_Tom_Cobbley_floatAn ever popular float is one involving a large model horse carrying uncle Tom Cobbley and all, and with a tail that waves around splashing onlookers with water. It wasn’t so popular last year since everybody was already sick of getting wet from ordinary rain, but hopefully this year, with the weather back to normal the odd splash will be a welcome relief.

It is fairly obvious that the roads will be closed for this event from 18.45 prompt until the procession has fully passed. This may take several hours so avoid using your car in town and if you need to leave then make sure it is not trapped by the closures.

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