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Petorama at Stowford Farm Meadows

Facilities at Stowford Farm Meadows

Bags of fun for the kiddies, and camping too


Stowford Logo

Stowford Logo

Yesterday, I took my two youngest kids to Stowford Farm Meadows. This is an expansive business just outside Ilfracombe on a turning off the A3123.

The object of our trip was, specifically, Petorama; although there are numerous facilities here. The business itself is mainly focused on caravans, caravan sales, holiday lets and storage, as well as camping and even holday lodge sales, in North Devon, with another section in Wales.

As part of the facilities at the Stowford camping and caravaning site there are several attractions to keep the kiddies amused. Petorama, Kiddie Kars, Indoor heated swimming pool (it’s a drive to the nearest beach) Pitch and Put, Crazy Golf, sports and entertainment facilities.

I totally forgot to take any pictures whiel I was there. So this is one from Stowford's own website.

I totally forgot to take any pictures while I was there. So this is one from Stowford’s own website.

Entry to Petorama is £2 per person, adults and kids alike. I didn’t mind paying even though I have seen baby chicks and calves before. However, it is also another pound to buy a bottle of milk for either the young goats, or the calves, and 50p per cup of grain for feeding to the other animals. When you consider that you are effectively paying for the feed that they would otherwise have to give the animals anyway, this seems a bit of a con.

Not that I jibbed at paying it, as my two little darlings poured milk down the two goats at a rate of a bottle in sixty seconds. They then twisted my arm for grain which was duly bought, paid for, and scattered to everything from chickens and guinea-fowl to sheep, goats, calves, and also some in the bucket for the small ponies, which we were warned would bite.

The little cherubs sat with baby rabbits in their laps (a feat they could achieve any day of the week at their aunt’s hotel, but I will let that pass) and held a small mouse until it pooped on them, at which point it had to be scooped up and returned to it’s case.

We saw an egg containing a chick which had already managed to crack the shell and would, by the end of the day, be free to join its siblings and cousins under the warmth of a red heat lamp in the hatchery.

After two more bottle of milk, this time for the calves, we were pretty much ready to go, having spent an enjoyable … almost an hour with the animals.

As I forgot to take pictures, Here's the website's photo.

As I forgot to take pictures, Here’s the website’s photo.

A good hand scrubbing later, and we were ready to whizz round the tarmac in two souped up go karts. Well, they were swift enough for both kids to crash emphatically, at least once each. The cost of the”Kiddie Kars” was £1 for a token which gave them enough laps of the track to make it worthwhile.

Here’s a run down of what I spent.

  • £6 entry (three persons)
  • £4 Milk (3 bottles) and grain (2 cups)
  • £2 Kiddie Kars x 2

Total £12 for two kids happy for a couple of hours, actually pretty good value on holiday. I managed to talk them out of crazy golf which let me off another £3 although if I was on holiday I would definitely have gone for it.

On the way home I quizzed my two about what age ranges they thought would get the most out of these things, and they both agreed that Petorama was ideal for children aged between about three or four, up to about ten or eleven. The Kiddie Kars were better for five or six years up to about ten or eleven.

Using your satellite navigation be warned that Google maps places the location slightly off. The approach road is a turning south off the A3123 about 300 metres west of Berry Down Cross.